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Our Mission

we host life skill classes for ages 5-17 on a weekly basis. our life skill program has four major topics we introduce to the youth that will empower them for their future. we focus on financial literacy, mindfulness, health care, and education.  

our social club encourages the youth to practiced positive social communication among their peers and adults. we do this by coordinating positive social outings and activities for the youth on a monthly basis.

our monthly goal- ormentorship program is designed to encourage strategic planning skills within the youth for a brighter and less stressful lifestyle.

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Our Vision

Better Comunity

we believe that the sooner we educate the youth on life skills, social skills, and personal development skills, the youth will become a responsible adult within society and our community. 

Brighter Futures

us as a community know that basis and professional life skills will increase the chance of any child succeeding and achieving their goals in life.